Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hello, Old Friends

174.8 lbs. (Beats the snot out of 200)

When women raid each other’s wardrobes, they will calling it “go shopping in your closet” with a cheesy smile that doesn’t quite mask the fact that it’s theft. I say “women” because, let’s be honest, you don’t hear about men sharing clothing. They just don’t. And the “shopping in your closet” implies an unwilling sharing.

Due to the change* in seasons, I needed to hit my storage unit for warmer clothing (and to find my damned purple suede boots.). My working bra had stopped working in that the underwear had broken and was stabbing me daily. (This could be a metaphor for so many things)

Luck was on my side and a ton of self-confidence. I found bras that hadn’t fit since I got them (they now do and they’re high end). I found date clothes (I pulled the trigger on E Harmony) and I found my purple suede boots.

Now for the self-confidence boost:

The skirt is size 14. The blazer (silk from Express. SUCK IT, LANE BRYANT!!!!) is size 13. They haven’t fit in at least a decade. I can wear them AND breathe (I wouldn’t conduct an orchestra in the blazer, but I can wear it…) And while "purple suede boots" sounds ridiculous in print, you've got to admit, they're gorgeous.

I can finally see the progress I’ve made and not just in playing the numbers game with the scale and with clothing sizes. I need to get myself in to a doctor for a regular check up and a trip to Quest Diagnostics for blood chemistry tests, but I know I’m in a lot better shape than I was in January. And the winter clothing I was wearing in January (I was freezing my ass off in St. Louis)? Too big. However, the archaeological dig turned up goodies I haven’t seen/worn in years. Next trip, I’m going after my Ann Taylor knitted silk turtlenecks.

Shopping in my storage unit was a great deal. I wouldn’t say I got a new wardrobe, but I got clothing I needed and all it cost me was the gas to get there (and some Starbucks to drink on the way).

Now, if you’re a reader, please do me a favor: The comments section is pretty dusty. I’ve had people tell me in email (or over the phone) that I have inspired them. If this blog has inspired you (or irritated or amused), please leave me comments.

*It’s Southern California. The term is relative.

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