Sunday, June 24, 2012

Turn, Turn, Turn Part 2

Long delayed, perhaps the wait is worth it.

One of the biggest surprises of this blog has been the popularity of one post: Turn, Turn, Turn ( ) from January 1 of this year (2012). In it, I described the practice of walking meditation using a labyrinth and included pictures from the Prince of Peace Episcopal (I think it’s Episcopal) Church in West Hills, CA (off Shoup).

As a follow up (who knows? Maybe people are looking for pictures of the Minotaur. Sorry. Not here), I offer the Bellflower Library Gardens of Bellflower, CA. I went back there a few weeks ago because the first time I hit the place, I was thoroughly charmed by the park and its theme. If you go, I would recommend going in at least pairs as there were a couple of homeless man hanging around. I am not anti-homeless, but one never knows how unknown people will behave and in this situation, there is safety in numbers.
The pictures that follow show why I love this place:

 The sculpture and fountain are most charming.
The labyrinth

And the tiles donated around it...C'mon, meditation and Yoda (and this is so true)...

And a little encouragement from a local boy for the "X Files" fans...

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