Thursday, July 7, 2011

What to Do?

178.2 lbs. Hoo Wah! And has remained so for two days.

Loss despite ingesting flourless chocolate cake. However, since I finished said cake today, it’s anybody’s guess whether or not it’s loss, spike or plateau. Place your bets!

In an act of supreme sacrifice, I finished off the flourless chocolate cake because I didn’t want it distracting me from my goal. Not exactly throwing myself on a hand grenade, but it had to die.

It was supposed to be weight training and cardio today, but I didn’t have it in me. For starters, I got to the gym too late and it was crowded, jittery and I could smell 5 different kinds of body odor, each funkier than the last one (Guys: soap, water and deodorant do not make you a girlie man. And, surprise, surprise, washing your gym clothes has not yet proven to be lethal).

I lasted about 20 minutes. The legs got worked. The miasma of body odor, Axe, Aqua Net and Calvin Klein Schizophrenia was too much, as were the vultures waiting for each machine.

I also have a nasty blister on my heel. That was from my cheap sneakers going zombie and snacking on my heel/ankle (hankle?). This will not stop me. This is why God invented Band Aids.

Just to be sure, I called the front desk today to make sure Lila was actually going to be conducting yoga. I was told I was the third call asking the same question. AND I wasn’t the one who told her that we didn’t care much for the vinyasa class. The little devil (she is on the petite side) said, “I think I’ll teach vinyasa next Tuesday.”

Oh, HELL no.

However, one of the secrets of success is learning to adapt. We have the above case in which someone has put a bug in the ear of the yoga teacher and now, Tuesdays and Thursdays are going to get far more interesting if she carries through on the vinyasa threat. It’ll force me to get better.

My Net Diary has started reducing my recommended maximum calorie intake and giving me a smaller calorie burn for the exercise I do. Little electronic bastard. So now, I have to work harder and eat less to get the same results. More adapting.

And I’m working, which is excellent, but it also means I don’t have the same free time during the day to allow marathon workouts (hour plus of weights and at least another hour of cardio). So, we have the big question: do I change the time I go in or change the amount I work out and when? I found out last night that I don’t like the 8 PM weeknight crowd. Emphasis on crowd. And I’m not really enthusiastic at the prospect of getting up at 3:30 AM to get in a workout before I sit down in front of the computer. And giving up Lila’s class isn’t s great prospect either; it’s been hugely beneficial. Reducing the amount of time I spend working out isn’t a happy prospect either; I’m afraid that if I cut back, I’ll lose ground and the plateaus will be even worse. And you know how well I handle those.

 I’ll have to figure this out. Anybody got a Magic 8 Ball?

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