Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Inside the Mind of a Yogi (or a Boo Boo)

185.2 lbs. I earned it.

These are some of the thoughts that go through my mind in yoga class. During Downward Dog and Plank:

If they were still with me, these two would be leading a pararde (there were others) back and forth under me. They did it in life. I have witnesses. And I can feel them doing it, even though they're long gone.

And while I'm in Down Dog, I think it's a very good thing I like  the smell of my fabric softener because I spend a lot of with my shirt sliding over my head.

On attempting Tree Pose:

He makes it look so easy. Bastard.

The Angels fan, normally a very cute, agreeable guy, just decided to bait me...

Creative visualization during meditation. Keeps me at peace.

Uttanasana (Forward Fold). With a little gentle pushing, I can just about get my nose to my kneecap. If I ever get the leg behind the ear, I'm signing up for E Harmony.

Ah, yes, a twist. It must be working because my spine sounds like so much bubble wrap. And feels it.

Dolphin pose: Downward Dog on your forearms instead of on your wrists (I slipped and fell on my way to class and the left wrist took the impact).

I DON'T SEE YOU DOING THIS, FLIPPER! (And I actually took that picture. I'm very proud of it).

Yoga push-up. Yeah, sure. Start me on the ground, I can do the "up." Coming back down, not so much. Dear Flappy Triceps: you are on the radar.

The spinal release at the end of class. I used to work out to the Callanetics video tapes and they had a similar twist (twist leg and trunk in one direction, keep other leg straight and shoulders on the floor). I always had help:

 Yup. These two would jump off the couch and do this whenever I got on the floor and stretched. Leave it to the pros to show you how it's done.

And the final relaxation/reward:

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