Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Good Day

Still haven’t been on the scale. Eh.

What a good day looks like…

I added squats on the Smith machine to my workout.  No weights, just the 15 lb. bar so that I don’t overwork the right knee. I really felt like I had worked hard so that will become a regular part of the workout.

As I said, I bagged up a bunch of my size 18-20 clothes to give to a friend of mine. I’m not naked (not that anyone wants to see THAT), but I do have the Holy Grail of “Okay, I’ve lost enough weight” clothes which is a pair of size 11 Levis 501 jeans. Neither Monty Python nor Indiana Jones came across them in their quests (although they did find Spam. And Sean Connery).

Those jeans still don’t fit, but I can pull them up.  Buttoning, not so much. The Great White Belly is having its last hurrah by preventing this. I’m dying to wear those jeans because they have a tapered leg and while my gut is big, ain’t nuthin’ wrong with these gams…

I took my jeans to the local Levi store in search of “same thing, larger size.” We have good news and bad news. Bad new first: not only are the HG (Holy Grail) jeans vintage, they’re no longer made in that style (501, yes. Tapered leg, no). Well, fuck a doodle doo. However, the VERY nice young guys working the counter had me try on two other pairs of jeans, a 32 x 32 pair of 501s and a 31 x 31 pair of non-numeric “skinny” boyfriend cut jeans. “Aw, Jeez,” I thought. “This is going to get ugly.” (For those of you thinking that a 32” waist is fat, go to hell. It’s smaller than what I’ve been wearing)

Both pairs fit. The skinny boyfriend cut even better than the straight leg 501s. The waistband was up slightly over my hip. Hip huggers, although I used to wear them when I was a teenager (my sister’s hand me downs) are not a good idea with The Great White Belly. Yeah. The 32 inch waist was flapping in the breeze in the small of my back (plus the inseam was a bit too long for my taste. Had I been wearing my cowboy boots, which have a modest heel, they would have been fine). The skinny jeans (full disclosure: 99% cotton, 1% elastic) fit like a glove and even the salesman said my butt looked good. NOBODY pays attention to my butt. NOBODY.

Plus, they’re on sale 60% off. SCORE! I’ll save enough money to buy a new white shirt (I had one from Ann Taylor, but that disappeared when my car was broken into and a garment bag with some of my favorite clothing was stolen. Early 2008 really sucked). And that’ll be smaller, too!

Progress, always progress.

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