Thursday, March 15, 2012

Last Word on the BOZo (I just sent this email to his website)

I'm sorry, Mehmet Oz, but you have lost substantial credibility.
I used to watch your show with a notebook in hand. I don't even turn it on anymore. Here's where you lost me:
1: Your shows are either about weight or wrinkles or scare tactics about health that come back to adipose tissue.
2. You are partnered up with Weight Watchers. Therefore, your objectivity in discussing weight issues/loss programs that are NOT Weight Watchers is highly suspect. See previous comment about show content: You come across as just herding more clientele into the WW program. Is that practicing medicine? No. It's sales, pure and simple.
3. I just heard you on Mark & Brian discussing "The Biology of Blubber." Excuse me, but are you talking about human beings or humpback whales? Blubber is a very specific kind of tissue found on marine mammals, not humans. Keep that in mind unless you like sounding like a pompous, nasty douchebag.
4. Shame and fear seem to be your favorite tactics. When was the last time they worked? Yeah, I'm overweight. Yeah, I'm working on it, but you are just pissing me off.
5. You deplore certain tactics and products, but you have no trouble with product placement during the course of the hour, especially weight loss products and EXPENSIVE dermatological procedures that your average viewer cannot access. Congratulations: you're an infomercial. For Weight Watchers.
6. The killer was the show with the super obese women. You seemed unable to handle the fact that they were fine with who they were, not unhealthy (according to their doctors and them), not victims of childhood sexual abuse and just not fitting into the teeny tiny little mold into which you tried to fit them. Instead of trying to change everybody else's mindset, maybe you should take a good look at yours, huh?

For starters: you WERE a respected heart surgeon. You are NOT: dietician, gerontologist, bariatric specialist endocrinologist, dermatologist, gynecologist, oncologist orthopedic specialist and especially not, the Messiah ("I give you permission to cheat." Who the HELL do you think you are?).  You're more entertainer than anything else now. Too bad. You've gone from serving patients to serving your ego. You were doing more good before you got in front of a camera.

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