Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Didn’t weigh in today. BUT I bagged up a bunch of clothing in the 18-20 and 1X, 2X sizes (sort of like “One Fish, Two Fish” but with far more emotional baggage) to give to a beloved friend who is tackling weight herself. And I don’t buy junk. We’re talking NYDJ, Michael Kors, Elie Tahari and Eileen Fisher, stuff made of cotton, wool and silk.

To the extremely large, extremely NICE gentleman who helped me change out the weights on a machine yesterday: Thank you, Sir. So much time (and extra effort. A little bonus workout, I suppose) is spent removing the weights from the previous user to put on my lighter, girly weights that for someone to step up and say, “Here. I’ve got ‘em” is a real treat. There are people with manners and consideration. The fact that they stand out so much is a shame; common courtesy should be, well, common. Thank you again, Sir. I hope to run into you soon.

At the other end of the scale…

To the young woman in the shiny new BMW who pulled into the right turn only lane so she could dart out ahead of the three cars lined up at a red light to go straight: while I wasn’t hoping to see your demise by terminal stupidity (running into the cars parked along Tampa as you tried to outrun those of us who obey traffic laws: mostly because you would have taken out pedestrians and at least two other drivers),  it made my day to see the cop nab you. Too bad I won’t be there when you explain to Daddy why his insurance rate just went through the roof.

And finally…

To the woman who attempted to start a naked conversation with me in the “wet” locker room at the gym. First of all, if you have to puff and pant that hard just to take a shower and dry yourself, perhaps you should reconsider your gym membership. Also, see “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” Naked locker room conversations with strangers? No. Unless you’re Ryan Gosling…Nonononononononononono.

It’s been a day. I slept very badly last night, which is unusual. I fall asleep quickly and, except for getting up to pee, stay asleep. Not last night. Tough falling asleep, didn’t stay asleep and, judging frowam the emails and other conversations I’ve had today, it was an epidemic. Must be some kind of funky energy going on to wake us all up. Maybe tonight.

It’s 24 hours later than when I started writing this post and I hear we have a solar storm headed our way. I maintain that sunspots are disturbing our sleep.

Today is going to be a two-post day, so this’ll be somewhat short.

I was in something of a bad mood yesterday afternoon and the lack of anything good on TV wasn’t helping. I did something radical: I turned off the bloody thing.

Quiet. Peace. Not exactly silence: I’m on Ventura Blvd, so there’s constantly traffic noise, but within the four walls…peace.

Here’s the thing: we’re (and I’m thinking of most Americans) trained to turn on the TV set and leave it on as background noise even if we’re doing something else. Even if we don’t really like what’s on, it seldom occurs to anyone to just turn it off. Try it sometime.

If you’re a regular reader here (and if you’re new, Hi! Welcome! Sorry, but the welcome goody bags are long gone), you know I’m a big advocate for sleep as a restorative, as essential and something that shouldn’t be short-changed because the benefits are too great and the issues caused by not enough sleep are also pretty substantial.  

During our waking hours, we are hit with a constant mosaic of sound, a lot of it manmade and, if you’re listening to the radio or watching TV, a big chunk is devoted to trying to sell you something. It gets layered, especially if you’re in traffic and the car next to you has ITS sound system cranking (to the point where you see the car visibly vibrate with the bass and/or the output is interfering with your radio reception. Hearing technology is a growth industry. You heard it here first). I’d be willing to bet that you could name any number of commercial jingles from 3 notes or less and the pitch for a dozen products or services that you don’t even want. Personally, I get irritated with all the noise and the ads.

Turning off the sources (TV, radio) turns off the irritation. Even for 5, 10, 15 minutes. You can feel your blood pressure drop, that eye stop twitching and the vein that was beginning to throb in your left temple will stop. You will be able to hear your own thoughts.

You could even get radical and meditate (or just close your eyes and breathe deeply for a few minutes). It’s good. If you find you like the quiet and want to extend it, use the time to read a book or work a puzzle (it’s like weightlifting for your brain. Instead of muscles, you’re building neural pathways).

So, point the remote at the TV, power off and shhhhhhh.

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