Saturday, May 14, 2011

Photo HIstory

A brief history of me through the years and the pounds.

From 1979 (My high school graduation photo) to 1983 (My UVM graduation photo) to a 1989 candid shot with my mother. Notice that I didn't look like a beached whale. As far as I can tell, things went wrong somewhere around 1992 to 1993. The fourth shot was taken June 28, 2000 (If someone recognizes that guy, let me know) and the final picture was taken July 4, 2010 at Marie Pettit (that's her in the picture) and Chris Gregson's Fourth of July party. Not only do I look bloated, but I also look ill.
Picture Number 6, is dated May 13, 2011.
THe point being, despite getting feedback to the contrary, I have not been overweight all my life.

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