Sunday, April 15, 2012

Let's Make This Interactive

Forget it. Next week.

I am practically Christmas Eve happy-dancing with excitement. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I like to write. Within the past 2 weeks I have written 3 comedy sketches (I guess they’d qualify as spec scripts) and (drum roll) ONE OF THEM HAS BEEN PRODUCED AND WILL BE ONLINE TO VIEW THIS WEEK!! Damn, that makes me happy. The other two have been submitted to a well-regarded improv/sketch comedy troupe for consideration. Will they take them? Will they reject them? No friggin’ clue, but it was good to write sketches again. Back in 2002-2003, I was part of a kick-ass sketch show called “Sketch Me If You Can” (I was the one who came up with the name. DID SO!) that showcased a pretty broad spectrum of humor, all of it good. I got a lot of satisfaction from my works getting laughs and applause (even if I wasn’t the one performing the words).  I also met some wonderful, supportive friends for life. And I got to play Judge Judy, the principal of a school, a little old Jewish lady, candle addict (I even did a somersault onto the stage) and a dancing moth all in one night. This is the good stuff.

I’d like to issue a correction to “Half-Assed Gourmet Strikes Again”: Instead of tomato paste, use a SMALL can of tomatoes. Not sauce, not paste, just a small can of diced tomatoes (with basil is fine). Management apologizes for any inconvenience, injuries or insulted taste buds. However, we assume no financial liability.

We are going to play “Get To Know Your Blogger” (before I become wicked famous and change my back story). The great Mike Wallace is no longer available to interview me, neither is Studs Terkel.  Now, comments are few and far between, but you’re going to have to step up and make this interactive or else you get exactly what I feel like telling you. Ruh-roh, Shaggy.

So, I am asking you, my Readers (notice the capitalized respect), to submit questions to me that you’d like me to answer. Today is April 15, 2012; I’ll give you until April 22, 2012 to send a question in the comments section or through Twitter (@50toNormal) or on the Facebook page (address above).  Warning: while I’m pretty open to answering questions, I will NOT respond to what I think is trolling or just plain stupidity for the sake of being stupid and getting attention.
All right? Let’s hear it.


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