Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hoo Wah!

181.4 lbs. YES!!! Monster burn comes through!! 40 lbs. down and then some!

And broccoli stick sucks, but I’ll have to find a way to work with it. Probably raw florets and hummus (healthier than ranch dressing).

NOT TO BE DONE DAILY:  Yesterday’s calorie intake was 1272 (no starches) and exercise output was 1619. And plenty of water.

I think I had trouble with plateaus and reversals when I went from eating plain yogurt to flavored. Even if they’re non-fat, the flavored yogurts are not sugar free. 53 calories for 100 grams of plain 2% Greek yogurt (more protein) v. 170 calories for 150 grams of Greek style with honey (by Yoplait). I’ve said before and I’ll say it again: sugar inflames the liver and the pancreas. When those organs get pissed off, they play hell with the rest of the body. Since you only have one of each and they’re vital to metabolism and blood filtration, it pays to keep them happy. You’re better off getting the plain, adding a sweetener if you must and fresh fruit rather than the fruit preserves found in flavored yogurt.  If you have access to Trader Joe’s, they have great prices on berries (always a good choice). This morning, 100 grams of plain 2% Greek yogurt and 2 tablespoons of ground flaxseed and 1 cup of blackberries (Oh, MAN, were they good. I’m going to add some to light lemonade later. If you’re in Washington or Oregon, Burgerville adds seasonal fruit to their lemonade and it is a wonderful thing.) was 195 calories. That included protein, antioxidants, omega 3 oils, fiber, calcium and probiotic cultures. Not a bad way to start the day.

It’s been a big week for mileposts: a completed Pilates roll up, the 40 lb. decade marker, ability to hold Tree Pose (I got some new, less slippery pants for yoga) and being able to reach my own toes for painting purposes. I still have yet to complete a push-up (regular or yoga) and it’s  still 21.8 lbs. to normal BMI. That’s a damned sight better than 65 lbs. to normal BMI.

When I started this enterprise, the distance I wanted to cover loomed large, especially given the struggles I’ve had with my weight. A small part of my mind expected me to fail this time as I had in the past. Maybe I’d set such a big goal because I didn’t really want to succeed. It can be tough to shut out that particular voice.

I’ve driven up and down the East Coast (from Vermont to Florida and back), up and down the West Coast (Los Angeles to Seattle and back, Los Angeles to Portland and back) and across country from Concord, New Hampshire to Woodland Hills, California. They’re all big distances, but if you break them down by landmarks (a state border, a particular mountain to pass or a city to stop in), they can be done. If I was driving across country again, I’d be somewhere in the Midwest right now; still pretty far from the goal, but a considerable distance from the starting point. Every mile forward gets me that much closer to where I want to be. And further from the place I wanted to leave.

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