Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'd Like to Thank the Academy

179.8 lbs. Good to be back on track.

Today, although not a weight training day, turned out to be something of a monster burn day. Let me explain: a Monster Burn Day (usually on Monday because the human ear seems to be attuned for alliteration and Monster Monday sounds good. It just does) is one in which my caloric output (according to My Net Diary. Get it, get it, get it. Online and as an app) is 1600 calories or greater. My game; I get to make up the rules. I am under a significant amount of stress right now and just as a way to cope, I hit the gym a couple of hours ahead of the yoga class and stair stepped myself silly (More alliteration) then hit the treadmill for an hour because I didn’t want to miss “The Closer.” Yes, really. Well written show, I love the cast and this was one I hadn’t seen. With 45 minutes on the Rotating Staircase of Death, an hour on the treadmill (with a couple of short bursts of jogging. Half-hearted, but they count) and Tibetan Twister with Lila, I burned 1435 calories. Since it didn’t reach the true Monster threshold, it was a Gossamer burn. Any Looney Tune addict will tell you that Gossamer was the red heart-shaped monster with sneakers whom Bugs Bunny gave a perm. With dynamite.

By the time I got to yoga, I was pretty tired. There were a couple of stretches in Child’s Pose, but since the best yogi in the class was in the surrender position, too, I didn’t feel so bad. I may be able to hold Tree for a couple of seconds but that “grab your toe and extend your leg” is not yet on my radar. My older sister used to be able to play her leg like a guitar (that was years ago and you have to give her props because she’d had some serious knee surgery years before). Maybe she should try it.

One of the TVs in the ladies locker room is always tuned to E! (which should change its name to K! if they add one more fucking Whoredashian reality show). After class, “Ice Love Coco” was on and two ladies were busy dismissing Mrs. T as “chunky” and “big.” The one making the chunky comment needed at least 2 bath towels to wrap herself (more like 3. That is a challenging tuck. 2 is difficult. I speak from experience). And yes, I do judge others, but I don’t have the stones to call another woman “chunky” if I’m a resident of that territory myself.  Glass houses and all that. Chances are, Coco T (would that make her Hot Cocoa?) is significantly smaller than the two snipers. You know the old adage of the camera adding 10 lbs.? Some of your favorite actors and actresses could use 3 or 4 cameras on them at all times. And maybe a free coupon to Hometown Buffet. These are some seriously thin people. For the record, the only reality shows I watch are “Deadliest Catch” and “Mythbusters.” Tough as nails fishermen and guys who packed enough explosive into a cement truck to vaporize it are my kind of entertainment. Besides, Sig Hansen’s a hunk.

But enough of that.

This is where I get a little preachy. Feel free to step out.

I think one of the reasons I’ve been more successful with this weight loss project than I have on previous ones is that I’ve learned to incorporate gratitude. As I’ve mentioned, I have watched “The Secret” many times and read/listen to Jerry and Esther Hicks and Abraham (a group of non-physical entities she channels. Even without Abraham, what she says makes sense to me and works for me). And “The Secret” is just a slicker, better-marketed version of the Hicks’s body of work, but that’s not important here. The idea is that if you’re grateful for what you have, you will attract more of it. Abraham speaks of “want” not in terms of things you don’t have in your life but desire, but as being happy with what you have (and you don’t have to be happy with all of it). They also speak of feeling the feelings you would have for those things you don’t yet possess, but desire to obtain. One of those feelings being gratitude for them.

I tell you, today was a big day of gratitude:

 I am grateful when the scale went below 180 lbs. again and I am happy and grateful every day I stay below the 200 lb. mark and I look forward to every drop of the numbers.

I am grateful that I have the time right now to devote to this project and that I have a prospective job (cross your fingers, Gang) that would permit me to continue the yoga class. The pay would also permit me to continue the gym dues and maybe (if I save), I can up for more sessions with Torquemada.

I am grateful for the unexpected income that permitted me to join the gym and work with the personal trainer. I can’t wait for the next gift of unexpected cash.

I am grateful for the information I got from Dr. Brain Chemistry that I’ve used to choose supplements which have 1) eliminated cravings, 2) eliminated emotional eating, 3) helped me get off my ass to work out and 4) improved my skin (warts are literally falling off. 3 grams of flaxseed oil per day). I will continue to use this knowledge.

I am practically giddy because I can fit back into my Levi’s and Sonny McLean’s shirt and Jimmy Buffett concert shirt. I have some really nice clothes in storage and I cannot wait to get them out and wear them again. And have some of them become too big. And I’m grateful that I can add items back to my wardrobe and save money on shopping.

I am grateful for the “your face is thinner” comment I got today.

I am grateful that I have a clean, safe, quiet place to sleep and I look forward to remaining here until I can upgrade it (I’m in an extended stay hotel. I want my own apartment).

I am grateful for every follower on my blog, every share, every hit, every time someone reads it. I am grateful for the kind, supportive comments, especially those from folks I don’t know. Thank you; I am doing this for me, but it’s nice to have a SINCERE cheering section. Especially the one I have.

I am grateful to see the changes in my body’s shape every day and to see evidence of increased strength (flexibility and balance, they’re coming along).

I am grateful for the good choices I’ve made with respect to food. Even the kale and the broccoli. (Well, maybe not the frozen broccoli).

I am grateful for the therapist and acupuncturist I worked with in St. Louis, for they got me started on this path. I look forward to having health insurance so that I can find their counterparts out here in LA.

I am grateful for my Zune (Zune: Resurrection) and playlists that keep my feet moving (and if you’ve been on the elliptical next to me, I’m not having a psychotic break, I’m just grooving to “Nutrocker” or “Tessie.”)

I am grateful to see my BMI dropping weekly (except when it stalls).

I am grateful for Trader Joe’s because most of my food comes from there.

You get the idea. I am grateful for all the little markers that tell me I’m on the right path and the blessings and pieces of good fortune that come in at the right time.

And I am looking forward to tomorrow morning. We’ll see what the numbers are.

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