Friday, June 3, 2011

Still Pushing

186.6 lbs. Even after that phenomenal dinner at Morton’s (choice, so choice)

I hadn’t thought about the gluten in graham cracker crust on a Key Lime Pie when ordering last night. I woke up this morning with a big honking zit and my nose running like a Kenyan marathoner. Next time: chocolate mousse.

T Shirt of the Day: “When it absolutely, positively has to be destroyed overnight. U.S Marines” Semper Fi and the guy wearing it was pretty nice, too.

OAKLAND is handing Clay Buchholz’s head to him as I type this. It’s  the first inning and they’ve scored 4 runs already. This is why Red Sox fans drink.

I found a way to satisfy a taco salad craving without going off the rails: Jennie O taco seasoned ground turkey (cooked up on a Foreman grill. I stick to about 100 to 150 grams of turkey meat, pre-cooking weight), lettuce mix (romaine or a blend of the dark green stuff, like Spring Mix or romaine and radicchio), onions (optional, but I like ‘em and yellow ones have the same stuff as red wine for cholesterol taming), oregano (a lot just dumped on the salad), granulated garlic (see oregano), 2 tablespoons of  Trader Joe’s fresh salsa or pico de gallo (considerably lower in sodium than the bottled stuff and easy to make, too) and 2 tablespoons of Trader Joe’s Avocado Salsa Verde (has a mild burn). A lot of flavor, most of the calories are in the turkey, so you can vary them by varying that and I don’t miss the cheese or sour cream. The pico and salsa verde serve as salad dressing (I make my salads by putting the ingredients in a reusable tub and shaking it).

I attempted an hour on the Rotating Staircase of Death today. I made it to 40 minutes, somewhat slower clip than usual, but I had climbed the equivalent of 95 flights of stairs (previous record was 78 floors). Give me a couple of months and I’ll get to that hour. Now if I could only pull off that stupid Pilates roll up.

Torquemada wanted me to be “dripping sweat” during my workouts. Today, I obliged, even though she wasn’t there to see it.  It was positively disgusting and I’m proud. The Rotating Staircase of Death practically has a puddle underneath it (I clean up after myself. I’m civilized). My socks are hanging up in the bathroom in hopes they’ll dry out/air out somewhat.

Okay, the Red Sox took back two runs in the bottom of the first inning and just tied up the game in the bottom of the third. Do we get 2009 (bad) Clay Buchholz or 2010 (good. REALLY GOOD) Clay Buchholz? This is why Red Sox fans drink.

In addition to Rotating Staircase of Death (for once, there was an opening and I grabbed the opportunity), it was Weight Training Day (No Denzel Washingtons were harmed during the execution of this exercise). Just for the hell of it, I pegged the leg press to 210 lbs. and…

I could move it. In fact, I was able to complete 3 sets. Surprised the hell out of me. I had a similar increase on the lower back machine and the abdominal and oblique exercises. My legs have never really been an issue for me, either in terms of strength or aesthetics. It’s gratifying to me to feel stronger in my upper body (I’ll get to that pushup  completion soon).

 Until recently, I detested seeing pictures of myself, preferring to be on the other side of the lens. I’m still not thrilled, but I see the changes happening.  I look at myself, I don’t see beauty. Looking in the mirror, I’ll see square hair, excessive eyeshadow and big honking zits, sometimes. The really bad days were the ones where I looked like Linda Tripp. I hold onto the memory when I’m tempted to let my hair grow longer.

Random thought: I want a boxed set of all  of ”The Simpsons”  Sideshow Bob episodes. Make it so.

I sit here, somewhat achy (which will be gone  in the morning), definitely tired and even though I’m stuck an another plateau, I’m pretty damned happy. And that will help break the plateau. Certainly, it’s safer than the Tasmanian Devil diet: dynamite.

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